What is The Future of Mobile App Development?

Expressed in a single word, it is enormous. The spread of smartphones has already generated an unprecedented demand for apps that can work wonder like Aladdin’s Magic Lamp, facilitating chores such as information retrieval, recording messages, ordering pizza or practically do anything that a Smartphone’s hardware supports. Side by side, the Smartphone app store, offering thousands of mobile applications literally invites people to lead a hassle-free mobile lifestyle. What’s more, new apps are being developed by entrepreneurs all over the world at an unbelievable pace. However, let us also consider the following factors to understand the issue better.

Growing Industry

The Smartphone app market had witnessed an extensive growth for the last two years. As a matter of fact, the number of apps developed had trebled during this period. The equivalence of the industry as it stands today is more than $7 billion and is anticipated to double up in course of the next five years. This truly indicates a very bright future for Smartphone app development, worldwide.

Multiple Platform Development

Earlier, the iPhone was considered the only Smartphone and the application development revolved round it. However, things have undergone a sea change now. In order to cater to multiple users, people now are interested in developing apps for multiple platforms instead of iPhone alone, a trend that lingered during the last few years. Moreover, Android development has been heating up since the last couple of years while focus on BlackBerry development is in the offing.

Mobile Health Apps

The factors entailing how mobile health apps and devices can supplement the ability of healthcare providers to customize treatment for patients is also a formidable issue now. A significant part of making that happen involves the ability of app developers to get innovative products to market as soon as possible. But one big hurdle has been the uncertainty around regulation (FDA).Regrettably enough, mobile health apps, or whatever little of it has so far been developed still exist in a gray zone between actual medical devices, which are fully regulated, and computer applications, which aren’t regulated at all. For instance, when an app is used to improve communication between a medical device like a blood pressure monitor and a mobile phone that can transmit data to a physician’s office, does that app become part of a medical device? However, once such anomalies are cleared, the future of mobile health apps development will know no bounds.

WebMD Mobile Apps

In certain cases, though, medical sites have been adequately optimized for the benefit of people seeking medical aid. For instance, WebMD.com has been optimized for smartphones. Today it is quite easy to access trusted health and wellness information anytime, anywhere.WebMD’s mobile web site makes it easy for you to browse slide shows, read articles, and find the answers to your health and wellness questions — and that’s not all! Check out mobile-only tools like Local Health Forecasts that provide you with the severity of pollen, the harshness of UV rays, and more — all based on your location!To access the mobile site, simply go to WebMD on your Smartphone.

Online Homeopathic Remedy Finder Software

The ABC Homeopathy free online homeopathic tool suggests homeopathic remedies based on the symptoms you enter. Homeopathy relies on gathering a detailed picture of the complaint before Homeopathic Remedies can be correctly prescribed. Therefore, for this homeopathic remedy finder software to work properly, one needs to enter all the symptoms, using the search or the tick categories, or both. Of course, one can add symptoms at any stage; it is not necessary that these should be added only at the beginning.In fact, on should read the remedy finder instruction and guide to self diagnosis  before continuing. This remedy finder is a presentation of Kent’s Repertory, a respected work on Homeopathy, but it can not replace a consultation with a medical professional.


The way things are progressing, one can confidently say that the future of mobile app development is indeed quite enormous.