What it Takes for a Website to Stand Apart?

With the proliferation of web traffic (internet traffic) going up in leaps and bounds with each passing day, it is not difficult to visualize the growing demand for business websites all over our lonely planet. This in turn, provides ample scope for web designers to churn out limitless number of sites – good, bad and otherwise.

What it Takes for a Website to Stand Apart

While most of the web developers brag about ‘offering strategic brand solutions with world-class touch and services encompassing an assortment of segments ranging from website development, ecommerce solutions and online marketing’, alas in realty they produce half-hearted reproductions of ineffective   sites that neither look striking before the eyes of the web visitors nor generate appropriate traffic. The worst part of the whole story concerns the lack of attention towards making the sites stand apart and thus draw the crowd.


What makes a website stand apart from the run- of- the- mill?

The enormity of the situation can be daunting. As of February 2016, there are around 1,004,369,526 sites of which a large percentage dies natural death, new ones taking over every millisecond. According to estimation, most web pages die after a couple of month, while typical webpage (world over) reportedly last 44 days. Nevertheless, take a deep breath and relax since you are not concerned about the destiny of the hundreds of millions of sites out there craving the attention of viewers and competing with you for search rankings and viewership, but zero in on how to make yours stand out.  However, here are few tips that may help you achieve your goal.

Zero in on the audience – It’s a great pity that a large majority of website developers tend to ignore the most important aspect of their creation, namely the audience for whom they are supposed to cater. In other words, these  sites are not audience-centric. They seem to forget about the people – their age-group, their interests, their needs and aspirations, while harping hopelessly on their skills towards developing technically perfect sites.

In order to overcome these short-lived, ego-centric sites that fail to achieve the primary objective, pay more attention to your audience by way of creating the most appropriate content strategy that will appeal to them, make them seek your guidance   towards resolving their problems. This is the only way to win their hearts, and once you can achieve it through your site, you have won the battle.

Treat the Logo as your carte-de-visitthe role of logo in a website is of paramount importance. Emerging from the archaic ‘coat of arms’ and ethnic graphic designs, the logo today play the leading role in a business website by way of categorizing the nature of the business. As a matter of fact, many viewers instantly decide whether to remain or leave the site merely by taking a quick look at the logo while the site is in the process of loading.

So, do not forget to place the logo prominently in your site if you intend to stand out amongst the crowd. A logo in a business website also establishes its authenticity and legitimacy of the establishment.

Content is the king – salute its sovereignty – Content is of course the most important factor for the success of your website since visitors come into your site primarily to check into it. They may stumble upon your site for the first time to sample the quality of your content, but by God, unless it is relevant, truthful and authentic, do not expect a repeat visit. On the other hand, content that is free of plagiarism, as well as devoid of grammatical error and silly typing mistakes will instantly earn admiration and esteem for you. Yet another important issue relates to appropriate organizing of the content so that the visitors can easily find whatever they are looking for sans much of navigation. And lastly, with release of Google Penguin; content now plays an important role in SEO.

Being mobile friendly is your key to success – To be very frank about it; you do not need researchers to tell you that mobile search is the order of the day. Amble down a thoroughfare and if you keep your eyes open, you may jolly well witness the phenomenon all by yourself. Not only in order to succeed but also to survive, go for mobile-friendly website so that your Smartphone savvy visitors can have the best user experience while searching out your site.



Even though by following the above noted factors you can create a potentially successful business website,  it also needs a Midas Touch to reach the top. It may include the way of approach, the method of dealing each issue as also the selection of typography. For instance, certain type face are most suited to crucial topics, while there are others that help create the right environment for providing routine information.