Why FAQ Page Is so Important For Your Website

Even though FAQ usually stands for Frequently Asked Questions, in practice it covers the answers, too. Creating this page while keeping reality in the forefront and including it within your e-commerce website have quite a few advantages, sans any drawback at all. A well structured, dedicated FAQ page, for instance, will help address the primary needs of your visitors, while cutting down on customer service solicitations to the minimum. Needless to say, this will go a long way towards higher conversion rates, as well as creating a more balanced shopping experience.

How to Create a FAQ Page?

To begin with, break all the informative text into Q&A format and then list the probable questions. Once this has been done, follow up with revealing answers. However, the lingo should be simple and free of technical jargon, as otherwise your visitors will get vexed and go elsewhere. Also, you can put yourself in your visitors’ shoes to ascertain the type of question an average visitor may raise about your product or services.  However, here are a few sample FAQs related to a website that deals in automotive tires.

Q: Why did my tires wear so quickly?

A: Premature tire wear may be caused by many factors other than tire rotation. Some examples are as follows: improper inflation, driving conditions, misaligned vehicles, worn vehicle parts and many other reasons.Without physically inspecting the tires it is difficult to make a determination as to why your tires wore prematurely. Please visit our location and have one of our trained professionals inspect your tires free of charge.

Q: Does Nitrogen make a difference in tires?

A: Recently, some tire shops and filling stations have been offering Nitrogen (N2) as an inflation gas for passenger and light truck tires. Nitrogen is acceptable as an inflation gas for use in Bridgestone and Firestone passenger, light truck, and truck tires. Bridgestone and Firestone tire inner liners are designed to act as pressure retention devices, specifically with the use of air, providing durability for the life of the tire and restricting air loss due to permeability. Nitrogen will not cause any detrimental reaction to the inner liner.

Incidentally, while creating FAQ page, you may include as many FAQs as you deem fit, provided they are relevant to your product or services. But for heaven’s sake, do not overdo it, because too many FAQs may bewilder the visitor, thus making him/her exit.Also, if you are new in online business, you may peep at websites that deal in similar product or services to have an idea of the type of FAQs others are providing for their visitors. On the other hand, if you happen to be an experienced trader wishing to edit your FAQ page, you may take the advice of your customers in selecting the most appropriate questions.

In this connection, remember two things that are very important. The first one relates to accessibility, while the second concerns links. In other words, your FAQ page should be customarily accessible in the footer of your website and should include a contact link so that the customer can get in touch with you instantly if he/she wants to close a deal.

Some Suggestions on FAQ Page Presentation

Apart from presenting the page in the usual Q&A format that requires visitors to scroll through till he/she gets to the point , you can opt to display questions in hypertext format. This format, as you know, permits visitors to click on a question before the page scrolls down on its own to the assigned answer.Alternatively, you can dedicate a single page for every question, although this will mean endless labor for you.

Bottom Line

Regardless of how you intend to present your FAQ page, never ever underestimate its importance in a website. Since online visitors are always looking for a hassle-free all-in-one experience, a well-structured FAQ page displayed in the website’s footer will make the person come again and again.