Why Quality Content Matters Most Today

Despite the fact that Goggle consistently hammers on the head of webmasters about the essentiality of having quality content in a website through which an online business thrives, there are people who still feel that it has got nothing to do with the sale of their product or services and so is a futile exercise in time and energy. Then there are others who are totally unaware about the type of content that their prospective customers are likely to laud or enjoy. But none of them ever appreciate the fact that today’s customer is an enlightened lot who can easily identify a reliable business house by going through the content of its website and deal with it if satisfied.

However, this post outlines some of the key issues through which content plays a vital role in building a brand and its success.

>> Content is still the King

The famed five words that express “Content is still the king” plays, among others, a vital role in the sanctuary of search engine optimization.  Content, undoubtedly is the crux of any website. Without relevant, updated and unique content on your website, your mission through the World Wide Web will crash like a sabotaged jet in a bottomless sea. What’s more, in this cut-throat world, it is only the content that can take you to the pinnacles of success, leaving others far behind.

>> It is the primary communicative media between the website and its viewers

A website is not a living thing that can talk to you and convince you about the quality of its product. Nevertheless, its contents communicate to you in written language what it lacks in oration. Unless this is of high order, how can it hope to persuade a visitor to go through its pages and closing a deal? Quality content, inter alia, should not only contain vital information about the product or services but also express these in a trust worthy way. Also, if keywords are used, these should reflect the viewers’ psychological cravings. Quality content, in other words, should mirror the image of a business in a credible and relevant fashion.

>> Quality content helps improve rankings on SESeo-blocks_1

Quality content, apart from enhancing the chances of being easily found online, also improves ranking on online SEO. However, the aim should be to gratify the reader rather than to satisfy the search engines, although heaven knows how many webmasters follow this principle in toto, often stuffing keywords in a web page in order to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results. Google, on the other hand, not only indexes a page based on keywords, but also takes into account the relevancy of the page’s semantic value. As a result, people are now more anxious about creating content that proves relevant to their viewers’ needs than filling it with useless ornamental words or phrases. Needless to say, Google too appreciates such moves and praises or penalizes accordingly.

>> Quality content helps convert visitor to customer

Let’s get into the brass tacks. What makes a website visitor turn into a customer – not the promise of a two-way air ticket to choice destination or any such lucrative offer but helpful and informative content? Obviously, it is the latter that clinches the issue. In fact, there is no alternative to a quality content to convince the visitor about the bona fide of a website, thus turning him/her into a loyal customer. What’s more, the rate of conversion is directly proportional to the quality of the content and the relevancy of information provided therein.

>> What quality content constitutes

Here are some of the issues that quality content constitutes:

  • Industry specific news and relevant happenings
  • Candid and unbiased product review
  • Excerpts from relevant forums
  • Short bio of key personnel
  • Company background and recent developments
  • Invitation for guest writers
  • Introduction of column for comments.

Instead of stressing on high PR or impressive press releases favoring product or services, it is far more effective to create and post quality content on websites. Today’s viewers are an intelligent lot who knows what to accept and what to reject. Acting accordingly would bring the desired result.