Why SEO Services Are Becoming More Expensive Now

Quality SEO services were neither offered dime-a-dozen nor are they any cheaper now. In fact, these services have now proved more expensive and there are good reasons behind that high surge in its pricing. This blog post will systematically look into all the factors that have contributed to the contemporary high cost of SEO services all over our lonely planet, while providing the underlying principle.

SEO is a Time Consuming Process

Search Engine Optimization for a website can never be achieved overnight. It takes time to analyze a mighty lot of factors that contribute to the success or failure of a site and provide remedial measures so that it can rank high in SERPs. This takes a minimum of six to twelve months for several SEO experts to conduct the research and that costs money.

Resurrecting from Google Penguin is an Expensive Process

It is true that many websites have finally been able to recover from a drop in the SERPs due to recent Penguin Updates but the process has indeed been pricy. To be honest about it, these had to undergo full SEO link profile for identifying the issues and create path for recovery. Incidentally, performing link profile audit is also conducted in cases where websites have not been hit by any unnatural link warning within Google Webmaster Tools, just as preventive measures. And this too costs money.

Content Marketing is Expensive Too

Content Marketing, according to many SEO gurus, is the new SEO strategy. In fact, building the brand by publishing awesome, functional content that answers the needs of the target audience is responsible for generating real brand signals, thus getting the content ranked in the search engine. Additionally, contents now not only should be “unique” extensive, covering more than 1000 words. But all these cost a good amount of money.

Outsourcing the Social Media isn’t Cheap Either

Social media signals now exert a strong influence on search engine ranking, which means more extensive participation into it. However, it often becomes a difficult proposition for a business person to devote full time on this complex issue. The only option left to such business owners is to outsource the job to any effective Social media organization by paying a fee to it. Alternatively, the SEO company may also take charge of social media management. But whatever way one may look into it, this additional cost factor can never be avoided.

Bottom Line

When added up, all these factors separately as well as collectively will reach a higher figure when compared to previous years or pre-penguin days.