Why Should You use Drupal for Business Development?

Prior to providing you with reasons behind making the above statement, it would perhaps be worthwhile to describe Drupal briefly so that you can understand the implications better. Drupal, to be precise, is a free and open-source content management framework written in PHP and is often used as a back-end framework for websites that range from personal blogs to corporate, political as well as government sites. However, the most striking part of this popular content management framework is that, as of August 2013, Drupal had been made available in 110 languages (including English) while support is also included for right-to-left languages such as Persian, Arabic and Hebrew.

Now, websites, as you know form an integral part of most businesses today. In fact, it is very unusual to come across a business that does not have a website of its own. But wait a minute, as of late, there has been a deflection in their online trend. Modern day businesses no more stick to static websites but would rather prefer going in for content management systems. Moreover, if you study carefully, you will find that websites mostly owned by multinational globally oriented businesses are developed on CMS platforms that include Joomla, WordPress, Magneto and Drupal. But here again, you are likely observe that the scale moves more in favor of Drupal CMS than the others. Here are the reasons.

33First of all, it’s the multi-lingual module of Drupal that attract them most. World-wide business houses that have tentacles spread all over our lonely planet obviously intend to present the content of their websites in as many local languages as possible to meet the stipulation of their global customers. By installing the multi-lingual module of Drupal, these businesses can not only achieve this facility in a simple way but also e-commerce web development can forestall the ho-hum of having innumerable websites targeting audiences in far flung geographical locations.

Secondly, most major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are now in the process of periodically changing/improving their algorithms, thus prompting change of online promotional strategies appropriately. Installing Drupal SEO module or taking the help of Drupal SEO guide will help online marketers and webmasters to obtain a comprehensive view on the promotional aspects of these websites.

Thirdly, the varying online trends also compel businesses to meet special requirements of their clients; mostly to keep one step ahead of their competitors. With innumerable contributed modules, Drupal provides all possible solutions to meet those needs of such erratic online customers. Some Drupal developers can develop custom modules to achieve special functionalities as required by businesses dealing with oddballs.

Fourthly, this web development is about meeting business mobility which is gaining momentum by leaps and bounds everyday. However, here too, Drupal offers effective mobile solutions for globally oriented businesses. Responsive Drupal themes, for instance, enable the websites to be viewed clearly on handheld devices, which of course make it quite convenient for the users (who thus become buyers). As a result of this, businesses can do away with the cumbersome task of maintaining a separate mobile site. It is also easy to integrate mobile apps with Drupal. Mobile apps being the trend of the day, you can acquire a large number of customers that wish to buy your products and services while on the go.

And lastly, one of the greatest advantages of Drupal is that it has a very large and active community that can solve any issue faced by website owners and developers. But the only drawback of Drupal CMS is that its learning curve is deep and it requires skilled developers to install and initiate the website. However, once the site is up and alive, business owners can easily and quickly update the contents as per their commercial requirements.