Will Android be Deemed The Undisputed King of Mobile Platforms?

When King Farouk, the deposed King of Egypt had declared that there would be only four Kings left in the world- King of Hearts, King of Spades, King of Clubs and King of Diamonds, he probably had missed out on one more king – Android, the undisputed king of Mobile Platforms. Despite tough competition from most prominent mobile platforms, the way Android has established its supremacy in the field is indeed an event that calls for kudos.


However, behind this magnificence there are plenty of reasons that are being discussed in the present post.


Freedom of Choice

One of the biggest reasons why Android is soaring up the popularity chart is its superlative market presence. When Apple (post Steve Jobs era) launches 1 iPhone, you will see 8 smart phones sporting in the field embracing Android without flicking an eyelid. What is more, they are cheaper yet featuring multiple hardware specifications. Additionally, Android allows you to come out of the autocracy of Apple and select from a vast range of devices that are far better than iPhone, especially when you think in terms of choice of application, which again are mostly free of cost.

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Multitasking facility

It is not that Apple iOS is not capable of doing multitasking, but if you compare it with Android, you will be amazed at what level this is done by the latter. To be truthful, Android phones are as capable and effective as personal computers when you intend to run multiple applications. What’s more, Android will notify events as and when they occur so that you can reach the application that triggered the notification and again come back to whatever you were originally doing.


Open Source Vs Proprietary Software

It is a well known fact that Open Source Software are much preferred by users for the freedom it offers to its users. But with Android, it is new experience – it never attempts to make a fool of you, but allows you to check the reins and set the system as much effective as you probably can. Moreover, it invites all and sundry towards application development in the field. Even though this could lead to some bogus apps being developed, yet it is an open house for anyone to work on it.


Internet in the eyes of Android

Above all, Android is the King of all it surveys, when it comes to web browsing or getting connected to the Internet.. You may ask an ardent follower of Apple iPhone or a Blackberry user on this topic and hundred to one, they will stick around Android apps development company. Where else would they have that Adobe Flash built-in support, so crucial for a satisfying web experience? Nowhere else, I may assure you.