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How We Work

Our Working Methodology

Information Assimilation and planning

The first step in designing a website is information gathering . To get a feel of what exactly the client wants we ask a lot of question . Learn more →

Designing and Development

From the information gathered till this phase we determine the look and feel of your website . Target audience is an important factor that is taken into consideration here .Learn more →

Testing and delivery

This is the penultimate stage . At this point we cater to the finer details and then test the website .  Learn more →

Various types of websites

The world wide web has completely changed the way we do business. Businesses are networking and prospering in leaps and bounds than they could ever do before due to social networking sites like facebook and Twitter . Underneath is an attempt to identify seven different types of websites available on the world wide web since its inception in the early 90’s :

  • Informational Websites : These are the first kind of websites to have been launched and as the name suggests they help viewers find the desired information.
  • Catalogue style websites : These provide general information about a particular business along with the products they carry along with the prices.
  • E-commerce websites : Brochure websites are taken a step ahead by these kind of websites . They allow you to shop directly from your computer at the ease and comfort of your home or work station .

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Advantages of having a website

If you have a flourishing business and still don’t have a website , then you are doomed. Sooner or later your competitors are going to supersede you . Its almost as if your business doesn’t exist . In the complex world of the world wide web people and corporate houses are on the net for every kind of information . Going online will not only boost your business prospect but also enhance your future prospects . So think , before it’s too late . We present before you the advantages of having a website for your business :

  • Least expensive : advertising in various forms like print media , radio, television or by other electronic means is very expensive and usually not affordable by small businesses . Having a website provides a big relief as it would make promoting your business online less expensive and affordable .
  • Enhancement in customer database : Local business are popular in their respective localities . A website helps to increase the customer base as it is not restricted to any particular region . Internet offers a global platform . With a good website your business would be visible worldwide.
  • Advertising : A good SEO provider can enhance the ranking of your website which in turn would add to increased sales and profit.

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