3 Upcoming SEO Trends to Help you Succeed in 2017

Time doesn’t stand still, and neither does the World Wide Web. Google has already introduced revolutionary updates such as RackBrain, Hummingbird and Penguin which had sent online sellers into a flurry. In the coming New Year, there are going to be some major trends which shall change the face of SEO and online marketing. For an internet marketer, this is very important news. When the criteria for succeeding online face a change, one needs to adapt and evolve. Here are the trends which are set to revolutionize the very face of Online Marketing.


1. Make way for Voice Search

Today we have amazing in-built system OEMs such as Cortana, Siri and Google’s own Virtual Assistant. That these are very useful, there is no doubt. These OEMs allow you to make a query on search engines hands-free just by voice. But these are about to be more significant. With more and more people owning mobile phones and using Virtual Assistant OEMs, SEO metrics are stated to change as soon as next year. The way people make a query on Google search engine will change drastically. For instance, instead of ‘best Continental food hotel in Delhi’ people shall now use Voice Search with phrases like ‘nearest restaurant or hotel serving Continental food.’ There is a great difference between the two search metrics.


2. AMP protocol is about to get more prominent

The AMP Protocol is a procedure or system adopted by Google for making websites more user-friendly and for a faster loading time. Since the number of people accessing internet and search engines from mobile phones is increasing, it pays off to decrease the loading time of a web page. Normally, the AMP protocol is used for websites having a large volume of content, such as news websites and blogs.

It is now found that people tend not to stay on a website if it takes 8 to 10 seconds to load. If you have such a website what takes 10 seconds or more to load, you are stated to lose many potential customers and have spikes in Bounce Rate in the coming years. People would rather go to websites with a faster loading speed and with user friendly design. Therefore, if your website loads within 2 or 3 seconds, your customers shall stay back and you shall have a low Bounce Rate. What you need to do is to integrate Google’s AMP Protocol Code into your web development process.


4. Long Content is about to become a passé

Till now, search engines have deemed those websites high ranking which showed informative content, regardless of the content size. People no longer have the time or patience to read long slabs of content. It is for this reason that top content marketers and SEO experts are integrating elements like infographics in their content. Some of the causes of this development include the rise of YouTube and SnapChat which allows faster communication. The solution is to start using videos and informatics on your website. Google will notice it and rank you higher.