8 Most Incredible yet Overlooked Google Tools chiefly for SEO Professionals

In the contemporary times, online businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways that can generate huge profits. Well-known brands are not leaving any chance of progressing because they know that by skipping lucrative opportunities, they will fail to survive. If you are a  SEO professional then this particular blog post can escalate you to great heights.

Let us look into some of the Google tools, which is capable of hitting a strong impact on your online business.



 Google Test for mobile friendliness

Near about 60% of the population access websites through their mobile devices. So for the business sites, it is important to upgrade their websites and make it mobile friendly for grabbing their attention. You can easily check it by taking the assistance of ‘Mobile-Friendly Test’ tool. Only by entering the URL and clicking on ‘Analyse’, you can test it.


 Google My Business

If you want to proceed forward and move ahead of your rivals, you will have to enhance your business presence on the online platform. For instance, through a business listing, your customers will come to know more about you. In your mission, Google My Business is sure to help you by taking you to the right direction.


 Google PageSpeed

Many people are not aware of this tool but by knowing more about it and implementing it, you can achieve a lot. For achieving the best SEO rankings, an online business has to enhance the speed with which your content will load quickly. Google PageSpeed tool can assist you in the same.


 Google Correlate

With this tool, you will surely unravel the favorable keywords that are mostly searched in search engines. In writing blogs, this tool can help you attain significant traffic to your website.


 Google Trends

If you are worried about the exact topic to write on your blog, for covering the latest trends, then it is time to take assistance from Goggle Trends. Online businesses are constantly looking out for popular content that can keep them hooked on to your website. With this particular tool, you can easily stay in touch with the current trends and succeed from an SEO perspective.


 Google Alerts

Online businesses should keep a track on their competitors so as not to miss out any news covered by an online publisher or blogger. This will make your company aware of the steps taken by your rivals to move forward and encourage you to make significant progress to beat them up. Google Alerts is the best when it comes to creating alerts for the top three rivals of yours.


 Google Voice

Remember that only attracting significant traffic to your website is not enough. As a business owner, you need to transform the leads into customers. In this context, this tool will assist you by making you gladly accessible all the time through the phone. It can create a single number for all your phones and send messages straightaway from your computer.


 Google Sheets

For the newcomers on SEO platform, it is important to track your daily activities. Right from creating a content calendar, Google Sheets aid in reminding keywords, which have already been used, and the ones that will be in future. It can also come handy in times of SEO duty sharing task.



It hardly matters if SEO is being done for a national company or a local brand. It is also of no use whether you have succeeded in the past or wish to achieve much in future. The only thing that is required is to use one of these mentioned tools for transforming your strategy for the best.