Believe It Or Not; Blogging Works Wonderfully Well For Local SEO!

Especially so, if you happen to be a SMB,  looking for new avenues to bring in business. Had it been a few years earlier, yellow pages could have make it easier for you, while traditional ads were not as pricy as of today. But alas, Yellow Pages have ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ad campaign budget today is beyond the reach of most SMBs.


Also, you must have tried to implement Local SEO strategy and failed because of limited resources. However, there is one sure shot way to master the benefits of local SEO at minimum cost and effort which can be achieved through blog posts. It will cost you zero dollar if you can do it yourself, but something more than that if you need to outsource the job to someone else. Nevertheless, here are some of the reasons why blogging can help local businesses’ SEO efforts to a great extent.

Blogging Works Wonderfully Well For Local SEO!


Blogging helps local businesses’ SEO efforts in several ways

To begin with, blogging provides other businesses and channels a rationale to link and share your site, thus making link building simpler. Sans regular content sharing opportunities, your website will turn into a dead horse, while regular blogging will promote it to become a better business tool. With the right kind of text, each blog post will help provide you with abundant prospect for promoting your business, while raising your status as someone who is wise and knowledgeable among your peers. What’s more, it will help create affiliation with other businesses and local media channels


Blogs turn static sites into dynamic websites

Typically, search engines and potential customers are eager to see activity on your website. They dislike grass growing under its feet. On the other hand, they tend to welcome your involvement with your industry (that includes topics related to your products and services) on a regular basis. Blogging provides that invaluable service by way of posting such news and views.


Most relevant source of information

Blogs are also considered as most relevant source of information in regard to buying resolutions in case of 18 – 34 year olds, while second-most relevant for those who fall under 35 – 54 age group. Instances are not rare where cleverly created blogs had prompted mass scale sale of consumer goods.

Well written blogs on topics that are significant to customers also increases search relevance of websites as new perspectives often open up through the process.


Free of ‘pushy sales’ content  

Compared to your website’s content that obviously has ‘Call to Action’ and many other insinuations towards completing a sale, blog post are totally free of such hints and implications and so  make much more enjoyable reads for website visitors. A blog recently posted by a snow-boot dealer, describing the exploration of traveler around the Swiss Alps had so mesmerized a reader that he had ordered a pair without ever thinking if he could afford such travel destination.



Regular blog posts, at least one every week can transfuse life blood even to dead or ailing website, making its presence felt by people who matter. But alas, smaller businesses that tend to benefit most by blogging seemingly remain inert in this effective local SEO stratagem.