Do you need to add blogs to your Website?

Yes; you do need to add blogs to your site for the simple reason that these will usher in benefits galore to your otherwise apathetic website. However, this post showcases some of these accomplishments and how these are achieved.

Content - blogs to your Website

Helps build inbound links –

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is that it helps build inbound links pretty fast. However, to achieve this benefit effectively, your blog needs to have feature content that people would love to read and share with others. Irrelevant topic, unethical material or sex-oriented stories in the form of blog will adversely affect the reputation of your site, apart from the fact that it will attract penalties from Google forthright.

Also, the links that you are likely to gain with your blog will be deep links that doesn’t merely point to your site’s home page – there are other benefits too. For instance, when users link to your blog posts, you will be able to distribute your ‘link juice’ more effectively, which in turn will help you get more of your site indexed by search engines.


Helps build relationship –

Blog posts help you build relationship in a big way. If your blogs provide useful and interesting information in an unique fashion, people who read these on a regular basis will enjoy and appreciate the posts enormously and so become your most loyal customers. And the more you learn about their demographics, the more you will be able to win their hearts by attuning your blogs with content that will be dear to them. The result – better customer relationship and so, better sales.


Help generate Leads –

Yet another sizeable benefit of having blogs is lead generation. Studies reveal that those who post around 20 blogs per month gain up to four times more leads as compared to those that have none. People visiting your website (and consequently reading tour blog) invariably comes up with queries. Every time you provide best answers to their queries, you gain their trust as the best authority on issues they are interested in. As result, your presence gets etched in their minds which in turn increase your leads.


Fresh content in the form of blog boosts SE ranking –

Blogs provide one of the best ways of gaining high SE ranking. However, they must have fresh invigorating content that’s staple for search engines. Needless to say, static sites that fail to post newer blogs on a regular basis suffer badly on this score. Apart from the ranking point of view, fresh content in the form of blogs are very much appreciated by website users who would much sooner be happy to deal with such site or sites.


Builds credibility and reputation –

Intelligently created blogs help build credibility and good reputation online. Blog contents offer free information on subjects chosen by potential customers without any strings attached to such services. This greatly impresses the casual visitor who may have knocked at your door with no intention to buy but being convinced of your benevolence, clinches a deal with no regrets.


Do not ignore Guest Blogging

Similar to backlinking, guest blogs too can be highly beneficial to the SEO of your site. If you intend to employ reputable guest bloggers who can create blogs on any subject under the sun, their skill and style of writing will go a long way towards gaining higher ranking for you.


However, you need to be all the more vigilant when screening potential bloggers. Talk to them, check their backgrounds and evaluate their submissions in regard to whatever they have created in the past to make sure you have enlisted the service of the right candidate. I f you follow Google’s quality guidelines, your guest blog from a well-known source will bring you adequate traffic, while boosting your search engine rankings in an enviable way.