Principles that Guide Towards Creating Effective Web Design

While this post will introduce you to the basic principles that work behind creation of Effective Web Designs, we might as well remember what the late lamented web guru Steve Jobs once commented on the topic. “Design is not just what it looks like or feels like. Design is how it works’, he emphasized. Nevertheless, we should also remember that effectual web design is appraised by website users; not the owners of the site and so pay utmost attention to the users’ preferences.

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While we are fairly familiar with poorly designed websites that give rise to high bounce rate, low or stumpy pages per visit, meager time spent on site and sundry other disadvantages, let us take a look at what constitutes good and effective web design that also functions well. Needless to say, a good web design must be pleasing to the eye, quite engaging and above all, easy to use. So now, here are the basic principles.


a) Serving the purposeUnless a website can serve the purpose for which it has been created, it will lose its value. In other words, it must cater to the requirements of the user in all possible manner or form. An user may visit your website just to know about your products or services, while another may be eager to transact business with you. Your web pages should be able to serve the purpose for both the types.


b) Quick communicationWeb visitors are an edgy lot; always in a hurry to collect information about products or services. So, it is essential for a website to be able to communicate such information in a clear, easy to understand and fast way to satisfy them. Using sub-heads, bullet points as also writing short sentences will greatly improve the picture.


c) Typographytypography plays a major role in web designing. Studies reveal that sans serif type faces serves this purpose very well for the simple reason that it conveys the message in a clear and easy to read form. Since an average of 95% of each and every website comprises content while typography constitutes the form of displaying that content, sans serif typefaces or fonts, whatever you may like to call it, serves that purpose wonderfully well.


d) White SpaceWhile some designers think leaving white space in a website equates to waste of valuable space on the screen, in reality it is just the reverse. As a matter of fact, the white space represents the crucial building block of a good web design. These provide visual breathing space for the eye and should always be encouraged.


e) Use of colorWell planned color scheme used in a website will go a long way towards enhancing the UX. While complimentary colors promise harmony and balance, contrasting colors used for text and background makes reading much more easy. Since vibrant colors evoke emotion, these should only be used for buttons or call to action.


f) Graphicseven though ‘a picture can demonstrate what thousand words may fail to do, does not mean random use of irrelevant images will enhance the appeal of a website. However, judicious use of images that connect with the content will do the trick. Using infographics and videos will also augment the appeal.


g) NavigationLogical page hierarchy, use of clickable buttons as also following the ‘three click rule’ will make navigation easy in a website.


h) Grid based layoutRandomly placed content on a web page gives rise to irritation and disgust among viewers. Grid based layouts on the other hand puts content into sections, columns and boxes make it look more tidy and readable.


i) F type Designstudies have revealed that most viewers scan computer screen in something like “F” pattern – suggesting that the readers’ eyes remain glued to the left part of the screen, while the right side is neglected. Successful web designers should take into account such viewer behaviors while designing websites.



Web design comprises numerous skills and disciplines ranging from production to maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience and in some cases search engine optimization.

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