Start Out Strong: Implement Google’s AMP in 2017


What is the significance of Google’s AMP? Is it just another fad or does it have the potential to decide the future of mobile browsing. In this article, you shall learn the importance, challenges and benefits of AMP.


What is AMP?

It stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. It is Google’s new project or initiative for the purpose of developing an enhanced and user friendly mobile web experience. As such, it is especially for mobile devices. Google seeks to develop a new standard for the development of web content for mobile devices. The main benefit of the AMP is that if any webpage is infused with it, that website shall load far quickly than standard web pages.

Despite its promise, the AMP system is seen warily by web developers and SEO experts. There are still many professionals in the industry who don’t know whether this is a temporary blimp on the landscape or is it something that will stay and make a difference in the future of mobile devices.

Despite this confusion, Google’s own Adab Greenberg says “Google now links to AMP pages in all its search results, which shows the project is now pretty central to the company’s plans.”

Now that you know about its importance, let us see that are the benefits of utilizing an AMP technology.

1. Better user experience or UI

Lets say that you are searching the web for a specific thing, and you come across two absolutely appropriate sites related to your search query. The first site you click on is slow loading. Are you likely to stay there and wait for the page to load? Perhaps not. You’ll immediately go to the other site if it loads faster. In fact, this trend is becoming a cold and harsh truth of online marketing and website optimization. If your site loads slowly, research shows that you’ll lose around 40% of your visitors.

Let’s put it into simple math. Say you are selling something on your website for $10. You predict that every month you will get 100 sales/visitors. However, since your website loads slowly, you lose 40% or 40 potential customers. When you put that into money, you’re losing $400 a month!

AMP system makes pages by using “lighter” CSS and HTML. This happens because in AMP, content is not stored in the server but in Google’s own cache. Furthermore, the content is cached in Google’s cloud from where information retrieval is simple. Bottom line is that AMP helps to make your website load 30 times faster.

2. Higher Click Through Rate and Ranking

Every online business owner desires better CTR or Click Through Rate and higher search Ranking. AMP can help you there. Remember, this is not going to get you truckloads of traffic since most of the traffic comes from non AMP sources like SMO and SEM. What it will do is to help your website rank well if it has fresh and relevant content.